Shorts For All Body Types

best shorts for all body typesShorts for all body types you say? Yes! The key is finding the right fit. Shorts are basically a square, so I’ll break down fit into Length and Width.

LENGTH: Make sure your shorts are long enough.  Not too many people can pull off booty shorts and if you can the rest of the world probably doesn’t care to see your butt cheeks hanging out!  If your shorts are too short, they may ride up and show the fleshy part of your upper inner thigh. There are many inseam options available these days. I prefer a longer inseam of 4-5″.  If you are shorter or have great legs you may prefer a 3″ inseam.  Some stores offer a 7″ inseam as well.  Bermuda shorts tend to be 8″ long but can be hard to pull off.  Sometimes they can cut your legs in half, making your leg line look shorter instead of longer.

Width: Make sure your shorts fit the widest part of your body so there is no pulling. Shorts should lay smooth and flat across the front and back. My widest part is my hips.  I make sure my shorts fit my hips and sometimes have the waist taken in.  If your widest part is your stomach area, have a tailor adjust the hip region.

best shorts for all body typesbest shorts for all body typesColor: If you have wide hips or thicker thighs you may consider darker shorts and shorts without print. This allows the eye to be drawn upward.  However, I am a pear shape and love colored shorts. If you choose to wear color on the bottom make sure they lay flat and don’t pull at the crotch or thigh region.

best shorts for all body typesbest shorts for all body typesThese navy elastic waist shorts are truly a short for all body types.  I have worn them in the early stages of pregnancy, after I had a baby and through weight loss transition.  They are made of a thicker sailor cloth type material, have an elastic waist and are offered in different inseam lengths.  I own them in almost every color and they are usually always on sale!

best shorts for all body typesbest shorts for all body typesWhite Shorts: I have one major rule when wearing white shorts!. PLEASE for the love of all eyeballs…WEAR NUDE UNDIES!  Any other color will show through and yes, everyone will know what color underwear you have on!

Below I have linked my favorite shorts.  When you find a pair that you love, buy them in every color!!!




  1. Emily says

    Love this post!! I love a nice white short, but they are definitely in retirement until the kiddos are a little older. Other than that I agree with your love of color!!

  2. Alice Kerley says

    Loving your roundup! I too can not stand booty shorts, this are so cute and look so comfortable!


  3. Heather lawrence says

    Love the denim shorts with the hot pink top. I have found finding shorts that look good, are comfortable and aren’t booty shorts can be a huge challenge! It’s exceptionally hard to shop for my growing daughters. They both have long legs so everything looks like booty shorts even if they aren’t. 🙁

    • soberton33 says

      I have the same predicament Heather. I am really tall so even a 4″ short looks really short on me. I love the 5″ length from Old Navy and J.Crew Factory. Great prices that won’t break the bank as well!

  4. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I need to get my shorts out now that the warm weather is here. I prefer longer shorts now that I am a little older 🙂

  5. Cara says

    All those shorts look so cute on you! I think booty shorts are really hard to pull off no matter who you are, plus in most settings are inappropriate-haha Much better to get a longer short. 🙂

  6. jessica lynn says

    I bought my first pair of shorts (yup, first pair) over the weekend. I wore them, you know, back when I was a kid, but I’ve shied away from them since then since I don’t have a short-wearing body. But this weekend I found some that fit and comfy, so I said screw it, and I bought them. I’ve worn them everyday since and I LOVE them! GREAT tips, because I definitely want more 🙂

    • soberton33 says

      I feel ya Jessica! I didn’t wear shorts for two years because I thought my legs were ugly. Finally it just got too hot here in TX so I caved. Now I wear them all the time too!

  7. karen says

    What a really helpful post – because it lets me think of what would work best before I even take a pair into the fitting room! So excited that its just about shorts weather! Finally!
    Karen |

  8. Lauren Gnapi says

    Great tips just in time for spring! It is always hard to know what looks best on your figure so these tips are definitely helpful (and I agree, no one wants to see any booty lol)

    • soberton33 says

      Shorts are probably harder than jeans in my opinion. Keep looking and don’t get discouraged Debra!

  9. Rachel Langer says

    It took my husband a while to convince me that the longer shorts that came to the top of my knees actually looked WORSE than the ones that were shorter. You look super cute in all of these!

    • soberton33 says

      Yes! Bermuda shorts are very hard to wear. They just cut so much of your leg off! Thanks for visiting Rachel.

  10. Ana De- Jesus says

    I think that all women look good in all types of shorts but not a fan of the bum cheek hanging out of shorts look haha! I like hotpants but they need to cover my bum at least lol!

    • soberton33 says

      Yes, I totally agree! I don’t mind a short short but I have see way too many booty cheeks this past week!

  11. Di Hickman says

    Yes! I love shorts! And definitely subscribe to the “if you find a pair you like buy it in every color”. I did that a few years ago with workout shorts and they are still my favorite shorts! I have a pair of daisy dukes that I absolutely wear to death too!
    Di Hickman recently posted…Menstrual cup, workout whenever!My Profile

    • soberton33 says

      Yes! Most of my shorts are all the same but different colors. I wish I still had the bod and was young enough to rock the daisy dukes!

    • soberton33 says

      I’m about the same as you Amanda. I am 5’10 as well and can usually pull off Bermuda shorts. For most people it is hard because they are a lot shorter than us and the Bermuda shorts just cut them in half visually. I am way too old for booty shorts too! That’s why I needed an old lady shorts post!!!

  12. tp keane says

    I love that these aren’t too long and aren’t too small. It’s one thing to be fishing your thong from the nether-yeaya, but another altogether to be fetching your shorts too.

  13. Heather says

    I love shorts! I don’t wear them as much anymore – I tend to grab skirts. I need to get some! I’m not sure I could do white with my kiddos – but I do love them!

  14. Megan McCoig says

    Thanks for the great tips. I find it quite hard finding different varieties of shorts that suit me!

  15. Teresa | Simply Made Fun says

    I hate booty shorts. I think they look terrible. I always wear shorts that are longer because I just feel more comfortable in them! I love all the choices you have on the blog. I love white too, but I spill everything. And now with an 8 month old around…forget about it. They are just hanging out in the back of my drawer for now. 🙂

  16. Toni says

    Shorts are so often a neglected part of fashion and your post can definitely teach women how to shop for them. Thanks for sharing your insight and I love those sandals!

  17. Cara (@StylishGeek) says

    You look so pretty in all the ensembles! I love the shorts…love the length of it too! I’m so tired of seeing theses shorty shorts in the stores. They aren’t elegant to wear in my book.

  18. Nikki says

    Thanks for the suggestion of shorts for all body types! Looking into those now. 3 babies in 3 years has done a number to my Mom-body, and in Southern Cali you HAVE to wear shorts it’s so hot!

    • soberton33 says

      I feel ya Nikki! I had two in two years and these legs just aren’t what they used to be but it’s so hot here in TX, I have to wear shorts.

  19. Cathy M says

    On your recommendation I mail-ordered the elastic waist shorts from J Crew. They are great! I am “between sizes” and ordered the smaller one – it fits fine. Thanks for the tip! Nice elastic waist shorts are hard to find.

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