The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? It really is life changing if I do say so myself. The author Marie Kondo takes decluttering and “tidying up” to a whole new level. I feel like I am forever and constantly cleaning up around my house and dealing with clothes. May it be my clothes, my husbands or the kids’ clothes. And, there is nothing I loathe more than laundry. UGHHHH

the life changing magic of tidying up(picture from

There are so many great takeaways from this book and it would end up being an eight part series. So for time’s sake I decided to focus on a bullet point that was really hitting home.

  • Fall In Love With Your Closet
the life changing magic of tidying up
Just look at this mess! I was always sorting through clothes and losing things in the mess. I was literally driving myself crazy! I had slacks that didn’t fit me and were sitting in a pile on my floor, clothes that needed to be hung up, dirty clothes all over, clothes that didn’t fit, clothes I was hanging onto for some sentimental reason or another. My friends suggested adding an American twist to the Kon Marie method, and keeping some items with Boombox Storage or somewhere similar – not a bad idea! But here’s the worst thing: Do you hang on to boxes and bags because you Miiight maybe someday need them? The KonMari method says TOSS THAT JUNK!
the life changing magic of tidying up
One of the BIGGEST decluttering points she makes is letting go of objects. The memory is in your heart and head and not in an object. She asks you to put your hands on the object and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t, get rid of it. Second, once you are left with your most joy filled belongings, put every item in a place where it is visible, accessible and easy to grab. Be sure to always put that object back in it’s proper spot and you will not have to “tidy up” again. She calls this the nirvana of housekeeping.
the life changing magic of tidying up the life changing magic of tidying up
Above, I hung all of my necklaces behind my closet door on decorative hooks from Hobby Lobby. I may spray paint them white just so they keep my closet bright and light looking. Next, I arranged all of my earrings and bracelets into one of these hanging jewelry organizers. This is one of my favorite things because every piece as a specific spot and if all the spots are full you know it is time to purge!
the life changing magic of tidying up the life changing magic of tidying up the life changing magic of tidying upNext, I hung this shoe organizer to easily store all of my flip flop sandals and flats. It was less than $10 and created space on my shelves for my heels and wedges. I made sure all of my clothes were hung on the same hangers. I love these felt non slip hangers because they are thin and prevent your clothes from sliding down or ending up on the ground in a pile. I would buy two packages…I ended up having to order another set! After I got rid of all of my old outdated teaching slacks, I realized I wear the same pants over and over and those old work pants were just creating clutter and collecting dust.
the life changing magic of tidying up
You see what I did here?!?! I bought some Command hooks to hang my totes. If you haven’t heard of these or used them BUY ALL OF THEM! These are seriously my go to for everything. I could be a 3M Command spokes person! They are so easy to hang and non damaging. I was able to hang two totes per hook.
*** A little side tid bit- I use the Command Velcro to hang all of my pictures!
the life changing magic of tidying upLastly, I arranged all of my shoes by type and faced them toe/heel for maximum space. Voila! Closet decluttered, organized and purged of all the things that do not bring me joy and no longer serve a purpose. A BIG part of the KonMari Method is taking all of the unwanted items and getting rid of them ASAP. Load those old bags up for consignment, Goodwill, or the trash.
the life changing magic of tidying up

Everything has a place to be put, so let the closet nirvana begin!!!

Below are a few links to my drawer organizers that I have used for my socks and underwear for over two years now. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want the world to see my undies!

Organizational Links

Happy Tidying Up! Remember- Organized clutter is just hoarding!!!





  1. Lindsay says

    I NEED to read that book! I have heard such great things. I cannot believe your closet transformation. I am completely impressed and inspired now.

    • soberton33 says

      It is such a great book. You will tear your house apart throwing stuff out! I did my dresser a month ago and threw away 20 tshirts. Why do I need 20 tshirts?!?

  2. Autumn says

    I love this book! It is taking me a long time to go through everything to get rid of because there are 6 of us. But I am determined! Your closet looks amazing!!

    • soberton33 says

      It does take a while Autumn! My upstairs took me a whole week but I am hardly cleaning up the game room after my kids play now! I love it!!!

  3. Kristen says

    Never heard of the book but need to read it immediately. We live in a very small house so I need to take time to get rid of a few things. I like the question, Does this spark joy? If not get rid of it!! SO true!!! Oh and I am completely jealous of the closet. We have no walk in and share one closet for four people, its a mess!

    • soberton33 says

      I am lucky to have my own closet but I was feeling like I had the space and it was just filling with junk I didn’t use. This book will completely transform your small spaces!

  4. A. Tak says

    Ohhhh what awesome tips! I think I’ll definitely need that book when we buy a home! And I LOVE seeing that certain necklace hanging there!! Made me so happy!

  5. Jess says

    The book was an interesting read, it definitely helped me get rid of some things I’d been hanging on to for no reason. Now all I need is to get the rest of my family into the habit of letting go (and not just singing the song at the top of their lungs!)

  6. Karen says

    So I officially have closet envy. I feel like I’m always getting rid of stuff but this makes me want to throw out everything & start from scratch. ?

    • soberton33 says

      Don’t throw it all out Karen! I still had stuff from when I was a teacher four years ago. I didn’t need to keep 10 turtlenecks and all of the dress slacks! I just had to ask myself what I really needed and what I really wore.

  7. Renee says

    I didn’t love it…I do go through my things on a regular basis and every time I buy something new I make myself get rid of two things. A few of my friends did this though and loved it…she lost me at put all your clothes on the bed…there isn’t a bed in this world big enough…LOL..
    Renee recently posted…My Dad, A Man of Few Words..My Profile

    • soberton33 says

      Well, I didn’t follow the whole book to the T. I had to tweak it to work for me. I just went through my clothes and really asked myself if I was truly going to wear it. If no, then I tossed it into the No pile.


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