Dear Fall…Where Are You?

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Shirt, Jeans, Boots ( other options herehere & here), Purse, Earrings, Ring, Lipstick

Dear Fall…Where are you? It is currently 81 degrees in Texas as I write this post. I am not very happy about it! I know, I know, I live in southern Texas so it will not even be 40 degrees here until MAYBE the end of January. So for all of you living up north where it is breezy and wonderful enjoy your fall wardrobe! Now if you live in the south and feel torn on what to wear this time of year raise your hand….

I feel like these are the questions that run through everyone’s mind when they go to get dressed:

  1. It is 65 degrees at 6:00am but will be 90 by 1:00, do I wear pants or shorts?
  2. I wore pants but do I wear short sleeves or long?
  3. I wore shorts, should I wear long sleeves because it is October after all!
  4. I could dress in layers but I can barely keep up with all the backpacks, lunches, shoes, socks, food, spills etc…do I really want to keep up with one more thing?!?!

If you find yourself wondering these things you aren’t alone! For me personally I like to dress for the fall season but I look for clothing made of lightweight material like my turtleneck above. The material is soft and has these amazing dolman sleeves that allow you to stay cool. A little bonus is that the back is longer so it covers your tush.  It comes in a few neutral colors which are great for mixing and matching. I paired it with my FAVORITE Paige denim and over the knee boots, which I am finding out are now too big. I bought them when I was pregnant and apparently had pregnancy legs because now they are a little slouchy, can we say #momproblems! I think over the knee boots or knee high boots intimidate people because they look so tall and overbearing. Don’t be afraid, try a few pairs on. I love them because they give an outfit some pizazz. They are like the statement necklaces of boots. Some come with a heel but let’s face it, I’m a mom and cannot possibly walk around the grocery store in a four inch heel over the knee boot. I can hear the people whispering now! I went with a pair that has a stretchy pack panel to allow for easy movement and a flat, low heel. They are so comfortable and I found myself wearing them all the time last year.

I hope you northerners are enjoying your true fall while we southerners spend our time contemplating our outfits for the 65/90 degree weather!





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