How to Grow Long Hair

One of the most frequently asked questions I get, is about my hair. How do you get great hair? Hair growth is also about growing HEALTHY hair that will last and not break off from damage. Well, now I am here to divulge my dirty hair secrets…no really, my hair is always dirty! There are loads of salon products that you could use if you wanted, but keep on reading to find out exactly how I treat my hair.

How to grow hair

Let me take you back to the years between 1989-1993. This was a horrifying hair time for me. Stephen King could probably write a book about my hair back in the day and it would be on the NY Times Best Seller’s List. NO JOKE. I had wavy/curly hair, a widows peak (you know, where your hair line comes to a point on your forehead), straighteners were not a hot commodity back then and I was growing up in a small town where fashion and hair were not numero uno on my list. My mom would not let me have bangs. EVER, as in big bangs with half a can of aquanet were the thing and I WANTED BANGS. So, what was a young gal to do? I.CUT.MY.OWN. Not only did I cut my own, but I cut them wet with a Fiskars school scissors. Those bangs were half an inch from my scalp, curly and looked like hell. I tried to straighten them with a curling iron to no avail. I was stuck and looked brutal. To top off the bangs I had a blunt cut bob up to my chin. Well, with curly hair and 1/2 inch bangs I was not winning any hair awards any time soon. Except maybe the worst hair award.

grow yourhair outGrow your hair out

Now that you either laughed your butt off or screamed in horror, let’s fast forward to high school. I started to get my hair game together asap because my family moved to Austin, Tx and the girls in my high school were pretty and they all had straight, long hair. Everyone was saving up to buy a Chi iron to get the flattest, straightest hair possible. My pseudo wavy hair escapade was beginning to look up!

Present day, I love my hair, I take care of my hair and I have been able to keep it healthy and long with these simple tips.

Great Hair Tips

  1. Hair Cut- Get a GOOD haircut. I always cut an inch off before starting to let my hair grow out. Go to a reputable stylist. My friend owns a salon franchise and I know I’ll get a great cut when I visit her! Try not to use a razor or any thinning techniques. I feel like it contributes to split ends faster.
  2. Don’t wash your hair every day. I wash my hair max, 2 times a week. See my hair washing schedule below. Just like washing your face, the more you over wash the more your body over produces natural oils to make up for the ones your washed away. It may take 2-3 weeks for your scalp to adjust but trust me, the oil will slow down!
  3. Use a quality blow dryer. Mine blows a lot of air that is not super hot. It dries my hair so fast without frying it. MY BLOWDRYER HERE
  4. Use a serum on the ends to seal them and protect against heat damage. I swear by BioSilk and Moroccan Oil. I have used BioSilk since high school!
  5. Wet Brush- Your hair is most susceptible to breakage when it’s wet. I use a brush specifically for wet hair. Please, for the love of healthy hair stop raking through your hair like a pile of fall leaves. Be gentle and loving. No one likes a hair hater! Wet Brush
  6. My friends have recently recommended that I try out shark tank hair growth to help speed up my hair growing. I haven’t yet got around to trying it, but since I have heard such great things, I thought it would be worth while mentioning in my post! Let me know how you guys get on with it, I will follow up in my next post!
  7. Hair Mask- I use a great deep conditioner 1-2 times per week. I slather it all over my hair, tie it in a bun and cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes. This really moisturizes your hair and keeps it soft and supple. Hair Mask1 | Hair Mask 2
How to grow hairHow to grow hair
How to grow hairHow to grow hairHow to grow hairHow to grow hair

Sample Hair Washing Schedule

Day 1 – Wash Hair and wear it down, straight, curled however you like it.
Day 2- Wear Hair Down
Day 3- Half up Half Down, Braid, Hot Bun (bun pic below)
Day 4- Wash Hair and wear it down, straight, curled however you like it.
Day 5- Wear hair down
Day 6- Fun half up half down hair style
Day 7- Baseball cap, hot bun, pony tail
HOT BUNS IN THE MAKING aka My Saving Grace
How to grow hairHow to grow hairHow to grow hairBelow are some of my most used products.
I have also included a slider below where you can purchase any of the products you may need for long gorgeous healthy hair!
Who is ready for great hair in 2016?
How to grow hair


  1. Meredith says

    I so wish I had the hair that you didn’t have to wash every other day, because dirty hair is SO much easier to style. Unfortunately, grease is not my friend and dry shampoo makes my hair so stiff after a day of use. I love your suggestions and may try some Moroccan oil. I have also never thought about how thinning my ends may lead to split ends. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scarlett says

    I can only do one day without shampooing as my hair is long but fine. I do love the Batiste Dry Shampoo. It’s cheap and smells great.
    I cracked at your 1980’s bangs photo. Too funny!

  3. Amanda Rinehart says

    Your hair certainly is lovely. And about a year ago I stopped with the daily washing thing and OMG is it a life changer! WHY do women assume we need to wash our hair everyday?! I save time, shampoo, and have healthier hair this way!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Hahaha I totally cut my own bangs when I was little too. Worse part is my mom always cut my hair super short when I was little and all I wanted was to have long hair! I actually also cut down on how often I wash my hair and found that it slightly helped with her growth too. Moroccan Oil I love and use it often, but actually I just discovered a new one that’s just as good as Moroccan Oil,, but way cheaper, called Keratin Healing Oil by Lanza.. Give it a try when you moroccan oil runs out:-).

    These are great tips and thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to look into doing a hair mask more often now:-)

  5. Toni says

    Hot bun and wet brush. You’re speaking my language! I’ve got to be better about washing my hair less! It’s like a hay field over here!
    Great tips, and love the way you photography and lay it out for us that need the help in bullet points! It’s perfect! Grabbing the hair mask this week!! Love ya! Keep the posts coming!

  6. Tricia says

    Any chance you can let us know what shampoo and conditioner you swear by?? I have serious hair envy…

    • soberton33 says

      Hi Jennie! My stylist is on the north side of Houston. His name is Philip and he works in the Vintage Salons at Salon One Eleven. He is amazing and I have been going to him for five years. Stay tuned on my Facebook page for a hair tutorial video on Wednesday!



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