glowing winter skin by popular Houston beauty blogger Haute & Humid

10 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin

Glowing winter skin, is that even possible?!? The air is dry, cold season is upon us and my face looks like a bowl of Frosted Flakes. My skin was in need of some major TLC and I knew just wanted to get that J. Lo glow. I needed to start with a fresh slate and that meant clean, hydrated skin.

glowing winter skin by popular Houston beauty blogger Haute & Humid

I headed to my closest Faces 365 in Indian Springs. My esthetician Brandy was filled with a wealth of knowledge. She told me all about the different treatments that would first exfoliate my skin and then shared her tips for using hydrating serums and moisturizers. Faces 365 also carries one of my favorite skincare brands Image. I use their acne lotion for spot treatments and if it was possible I would eat, drink and bathe in their Vitamin C creams!

glowing winter skin by popular Houston beauty blogger Haute & Humid

Today I’m sharing with you the top 10 tips Brandy shared with me for achieving the perfect glowing winter skin. It is a tad long but I have a new found love affair with skincare. Your skin is your largest organ. I understand we will all age but I want to look damn good while doing it! Recently, I have been watching some videos, where I think that I will soon be adding a new step to my routine. It has nothing to do with the face, quite the opposite actually. I mean, I have given you enough information already. But this is something that I think will benefit me and make me feel a lot better in myself. If you are still a bit confused about what I mean, check out sites like to help you get a better understanding. Soon, it will be part of my daily routine. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is worth doing, but only in the safest ways possible.

Treat your skin like a unicorn and it will pay off in the long run.


1.Start With A Professional Facial

The pros like Brandy at Faces 365 Indian Springs will help slough off that top layer of flaky skin that could be causing your skin to look dull and dry. They have all the products and special techniques to help you start with a fresh layer of skin. Here are the other tips Brandy told me to maintain my glow once I got home.

2. Start With A Peel

If you know me, you know I love a chemical peel! Before you picture yourself looking like Samantha from Sex and The City, hear me out. Not all chemical peels will leave you looking like a tomato. In fact, a delicate peel such as a hyaluronic acid or a glycolic peel will will do the trick. These peels may leave your skin a little flaky for 2-3 days while the dead skin sloughs off, but the end result is glowing, supple skin. Peels also allow the rest of your skincare products to penetrate deeper and really work their magic.

3. Use Luke Warm Water

I’ll admit that I was using hot water and taking hot showers to wash my face because it was winter and I wanted to be warm. Hot water dries out the skin, stripping it of all moisture and oils.

4. Use A Gentle Cleanser

My favorite gentle cleansers are Cetaphil or CeraVe. They are a cult favorite and available at the drug store making them friendly on the pocket book. These cleansers are perfume and suds free so they won’t strip the skin.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation could be a whole post in it’s own but I’ll do my best to keep it simple. There are two types. Mechanical aka scrubs/scrubbing and Chemical aka acids, retinols and enzymes. During my facial I had a retinol exfoliation. Retinols are like the magic unicorn to cell turnover and youthful looking skin {YES PLEASE}. Retinol helps with acne, discoloration and wrinkles and that is what I am using at the moment. However, I have been browsing the Lisa Rush website to find out whether there are any alternative methods! When I am at home I prefer to exfoliate twice a week. I use a mechanical scrub like this one from Dr. Brandt and then this enzyme mask to exfoliate the dead skin I just loosened from scrubbing.

Favorite Mechanical & Chemical Exfoliators

6. Serums

I am a new to the serum world but completely obsessed with them. I hold myself back every day/night from slathering them all over my whole body. My favorites are hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serums. These two serums super hydrate the skin, promote collagen turn over and brighten skin.

hyaluronic serum - glowing winter skin by popular Houston beauty blogger Haute & Humid

Image Hyaluronic Serum // Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Serum

7. Moisturizer With SPF

Ooooh a favorite topic of mine! If you are not using a daily SPF PLEASE. START. NOW! Sun exposure is responsible for 90% of the visible aging of your skin. Yes, UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity and the decline of skin texture. Studies have proven that 80-90% of how young or old you look for your age is due to how much sun exposure you’ve sustained. This is the moisturizer with SPF I use daily from my Dr.

P.S. I love this kit for only $19.99

8. Eye Creams

Why do I need an eye cream? The skin around your eyes is different than the rest of your face. It is more fragile, prone to dryness and quicker to show age. Eye creams are designed to specifically handle the under eye area. Depending on your need, there is an eye cream for you. A few of my favorites are below.

Favorite Eye Creams

9. Night Cream or Hydrating Leave On Mask (Night Time Only)

Night creams and leave on masks are my jam. This is when my skin can soak in all the hydration and I can wake up with baby soft skin. again, hyaluronic acid is your bff. It hydrates and plumps skin. Sometimes I am extra dry in the winter and I’ll use my night cream during the day.

Favorite Night Creams

10. Facial Oil (Night Time Only)

This is kind of an “extra” in my book. I tend to add a few drops of oil to my serum or pat it on my cheeks when I travel to a dry climate or in the winter. I like to pat the oils onto my face so it is pushed into the pores and not just smeared on my face. A little goes a long way so 3-4 drops is probably all you’ll need.


  1. It;’s been so cold where I live this month and my skin is cracking terribly! I am looking for some good skin care products to give my body more moisture once again. Thanks for mentioning how cleansers should be gentle and not cost a fortune. I like how you said that chemical peels are also helpful.

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