3 Reasons Why You Need A Kid Free Vacation

go on vacation

Are you going on vacation? Do you always take the kids?  At least once a year my husband I plan a kid free vacation.  One of my favorite sayings is “A vacation is with adults a trip is with kids.”  Not every vacation we take is to some exotic far away destination.  Actually, most of the time we end up traveling about an hour away for more of a staycation.  We are very fortunate that both sets of our parents live near by to watch our kids.  However, I get not everyone is this fortunate. Maybe you and a friend could swap kids?  Tell them you will take their kids for two days and then they could take your kids for two days.  What about a babysitter your kids love?  Would she be willing to watch the kids overnight?

go on vacation

go on vacation

go on vacation


go on vacation

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Call me crazy but sometimes I dream of sleeping in or eating a hot meal while talking to an adult. Insanity right!  When I am at home I am ‘on’ 24/7.  Breakfast, play time, lunch, school, carpool, sports, dinner, bath, bedtime, work.  The list. never. stops.  I find myself getting short with my kids, getting snippy with my husband and just plain worn out.  When I am on vacation I can sleep in as long as I want to.  No one will wake me up at 6:50 wanting a waffle and milk.  Meals- order room service, sit by the pool and have someone serve you drinks and eat dinner out.  These things will truly allow you to relax.



Do you ever think to yourself “what do I like?”  I find myself cooking meals because I know my kids will eat it and we go to the restaurants they like.  I love Chik-Fil-A as much as anyone else, but I also love an amazing steak and fresh steamed veggie served on a warm plate.  Is going to to the grocery store with kids your idea of adventure?  I love to try something new while on vacation.  We have gone snorkeling, paddle boarding, white water rafting and hiking to waterfalls.  If your kids are small, you most likely cannot take them on these adventures.  Besides, sometimes I don’t want to pack goldfish in my bag!



If you have a spouse or significant other this is your time to reconnect with one another.  My husband I just went to Myrtle Beach and Stayed at the Marriott Grande Dunes Resort.  We laid out by the pool, ate lunch together and were able to have one on one conversation.  There was no one to interrupt us to wipe their rear end mid conversation.  Late in the day we took a two mile walk down the beach while talking about our future, bucket list ideas and things we liked as adults.  Time away from your kids allows you to reconnect.


If you were going on vacation kid free, where would you go?

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XO- Sara



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