Weight Loss – Part 2

I didn’t want a cliché resolution like “lose weight” for my New Years Resolution last year. I just needed to get off my rear end and get moving again. I decided I would make my resolution to be more active.  I told my husband I wanted to become a “runner.” A person who goes for a  3-4 mile run,  4-5 times a week. For some of you this may sound like nothing.  However, I couldn’t even run to the mailbox I was so out of shape! So I asked for his support in watching the kids and I called up my runner friend Candice and I said please please please hang in there with me but let me run with you. Their support was everything and so I began my running journey.

weight lossweight loss

When I say I couldn’t run to the mailbox I was serious. It was HARD. I told myself on day one I was going to run 1/2 a mile without stopping. I felt like I was going to die but I did it. Then I walked and ran until I had completed 2 miles. I did the same thing the next day and the next. Then, I got a horrifying phone call.  One of my friends dropped out of The Woodlands Marathon Relay and she wanted me to take her spot…IN TWO WEEKS. WHAT THE WHAT. I was thinking, is she pranking me? Do I secretly look like a runner? Has she lost her damn mind? But I said Yes, I’ll do it.  People laughed and smirked but I worked my tail off and Candice whipped me into running shape.

My only goal for the whole 6.5 miles was to finish the race without stopping to walk. I secretly wanted to finish the race within an hour and half as well but never told anyone. I accomplished my goal of never stopping as well as finishing in an hour and 10 minutes. My husband barely made it to the finish line, he couldn’t even believe I ran it that quickly! And yes, an 11 minute mile is quick for me!!!

weight lossweight lossweight loss

By the end of February I had lost 12 pounds just from running. I hadn’t changed a thing about my diet. After my race I decided to step my weight loss into high gear and add a diet plan into my weight loss journey.  Finally after three months I felt really happy with where I was weight wise. Now, I am not some toned Jessica Alba or an SI swim suit model. I just finally feel comfortable with the way I look. It took dedication and hard work but it was all worth it to become a healthier person.

Running Tips

*Buy Running Shoes– Shoes only made for running, that you only wear for running

*Comfortable Workout Gear– If you are always adjusting your pants or sports bra you lose focus. My Favorite sports bra

*Don’t Give Up Mentally– Your body can do it. It’s your mind you have to convince! My little trick is, I think of how hard people in third world countries have it compared to me. I think of women who carry their baby in a sling while walking 10 miles to get water for their families.  If they can do it, then I can run 2-3 miles!  When I am dead dog tired I always tell myself  “give it 20 more seconds” eventually those 20 seconds add up and become minutes of running!

And Last But Not Least…


Positive Ways to Reward Yourself

Mani/Pedi | Facial | New Item of Clothing | Wireless Headphones ( my personal reward! Here) | Magazine Subscription | Concert | Massage | Movie Night | Buy Yourself Flowers | New Workout ie. hot yoga, pilates, spin class, barre class (these were my rewards and I invited friends!)

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  1. CoCo says

    Way to go! Seriously I am the same way you were about running! A half a mile is tough for me! So glad you were successful. I need to stop making excuses and just do it!

  2. Kristin says

    I LOVE this!!! Running changed so much about my life in the last two years. It’s such a stress reliever. I love how you hit your goals for your race you barely had time to prepare for! So awesome!

  3. Ashley says

    This is so great!! I am not a long distance runner and I want to be the type of runner that runs 3-4 miles a few times a week too! I used to run a lot last year then once the Holidays hit I got severely out of shape and went back to the gym for the first time last night!

  4. Tara says

    Your story is inspiring, especially since I am one of those people who can’t run to the mailbox! I’m a good walker, but I know I don’t walk enough to keep myself in shape. We are hiking into the Grand Canyon in April and my goal is be in shape so I don’t get winded after 15 minutes.

  5. Carrie says

    Love this!! Also love your ideas for rewarding yourself. I was in the habit of rewarding myself with sweets and switched my thought-process about that and felt better mentally and physically!! Thanks for this post!

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