Weight Loss-Part 1

Weight Loss -The Diet

Fat, Chubby, Big Boned, Tubby, Obese, Thick

These words seem to drive a dagger into a lot of people. These are harsh words to hear.  When my son’s teacher sent home a picture of me reading to his class, I thought she put the wrong picture in the folder. I did not even recognize myself! I threw it away and told myself it was just a “bad picture.” However, that picture is all I could think about from October until January. Three months is a long time to think about a picture!  So, one day while assuming my normal position on our comfy chair while playing on my phone, I had an epiphany, I had become a sedentary person. This realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I was 20 pounds overweight.

At 29 I became pregnant with my first child and only gained 30 lbs. I am a very tall person so this was not a lot of pregnancy weight for me. Everyone always commented on how small I was and how I was going to be back to wearing my old pants in no time. All of my friends lost their baby weight super quickly so I figured I would too.  Oh how naive was I?!?!

My son weighed 7lbs 2oz when he was born. I lost 7lbs 2oz…and that was all for 10 months. No lie. Everyone told me I would lose weight if I breast feed-Nope, If I quit breast feeding-Nope, I had heard every tale in the book about post partum weight loss. I cracked down and lost about 10 pounds until I got pregnant again five months later with my daughter. I again gained only 30lbs, had an 8lb baby and guess what…lost 8 pounds!  Nothing was budging off my body.

How I Changed

Here is what I told myself and these are pretty much my new LIFE RULES

  1. NO LIES- QUIT LYING TO YOURSELF. This is probably the BIGGEST issue. I told myself I was eating healthy, I wasn’t. granola bars, a few bites of fast food, Starbucks, your kids’ snacks, alcohol…not healthy. I told myself I tried working out. Lies, all lies. I had to tell myself I was eating crappy foods, I was lazy and I just needed to QUIT LYING TO MYSELF. I told myself everything I was doing and it needed to stop. If my friends said, “oh you look great, you can have a cookie.” I said to them,  “No, I have to quit lying to myself, so I cannot have a cookie.  I need to change myself.  I told myself, “you didn’t even break a sweat working out. You’re lazy work harder.” Like Nike Says- Just Do It! QUIT LYING TO YOURSELF!
  2. EAT REAL FOOD– No fad diet schemes with labels like Adkins, Paleo, South Beach, etc. I can’t walk around with a book that lists what I can eat! Just eat real honest to goodness food! Cut out processed junk.  Eggs, veggies, meat, fruit, nuts, berries, greek yogurt, butter, water, honey. Yes, butter. Quit eating hydrogenated oil pumped into a tub! However, I didn’t say eat half a stick of butter either!  Was I eating 100% non processed food? No! But I stayed within my calorie count like my life depended on it. When you start adding a lot of processed foods you will find out quickly that you don’t get much bang for your buck when it comes to calories. You may get 2 tablespoons that costs you 200 calories. If you ate fruit you could have a whole cup for maybe 65 calories.
  3. GET ACTIVE– Break a sweat. Give yourself 30 minutes of your day where you test your heart. It is the hardest working muscle in your body. Work It Out! Frankly, I am still lazy and I knew that running was the fastest way for me to burn some serious calories. Yes, I know all of you who are into your HIIT workouts and Crossfit etc. that say you burn 8 trillion calories. Well, I didn’t have a gym and I didn’t have child care until my husband got home. Besides running is FREE!
My two apps that helped me stay on track losing weight and became my new BFF’s were MapMyWalk and MyFitnessPal
  • I used MapMyWalk to monitor my running distance and calorie burn.
  • I used MyFitnessPal to monitor my calorie intake. You can add your exercise in at the bottom of your daily nutrition and it adds calories aka food! I entered EVERY LAST BITE shoved into my mouth on this app. Please be mindful of serving sizes! This is a BIGGIE. Measure your peanut butter. When I saw two tablespoons it blew my mind because I was eating six. That 190cal x 3 servings = 570 calories. My caloric intake was about 1500 calories a day. That left me with only 930 calories for the rest of the day.

Below is a sample of what I would eat in a day. I basically had the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday and would change out my snacks and dinners. I am not a weight loss expert and this is just one day of what I ate. For me it was about eating the most real food possible, feed my family as well and stay as close as my calorie allotment as possible.


Weight LossWeight LossWeight LossWeight LossWeight Loss

Have you become a sedentary person? A person who snacks on your kids leftovers? A person who lies to themselves that you are eating healthy when you know you aren’t deep down? If so, make one change for 3 weeks and really focus on the change. Mentally tell yourself what to do. Be a brain boss. Your mind is a powerful thing and you can talk yourself into anything!

Happy Friday



*I am not a nutrition or exercise specialist. These are not sponsored posts. I am just a real woman in her 30’s who woke up one day and realized I was getting fat. Be sure to consult your doctor before making life changes about weight loss.


  1. Carolina Feldick says

    So motivating! I love this post:) my biggest problem is food and alcohol. I have my workout down!


  2. Jennifer Bonessi says

    Thanks for sharing this, Sara! It is super inspiring – esp since you are so stunning in all your outfits! Now, if I just had a baby who liked the stroller…! 😉

    • soberton33 says

      Jennifer, Paige hated it at first as well. It took some crying sessions and snacks but now she loves it. Hopefully yours will learn to love it soon!

  3. Judy Mercer says

    thanks for the tips! i had gastric-bypass surgery in 2002, and i’d like to share a ‘how to eat’ tip from the nutrition class we had to attend before surgery, and it’s a great behavior-modification method for losing & maintaining weight:
    * NO LIQUIDS to drink during the meal…most effective if from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after your meal. this is to prevent the liquid from flushing away nutrients, which causes your tummy to tell the brain it’s hungry sooner than it should be. .i don’t wait 30 minutes anymore, but do try to wait at least 10-15 minutes after a meal…not easy when the food is salty or spicy hot. fyi, my hubby says in asia, people usually don’t drink with their meals.
    * take SMALL BITES (about a teaspoon-size or the size or your thumbnail) and CHEW THOROUGHLY until it’s mush before swallowing. if it’s taking a long time to chew, then it’s too big of a bite of food. this also helps to really slow down the pace of eating and, again, allows your stomach time to tell your brain it’s full…on a lot less food.

    it took 2 weeks of total concentration to retrain myself how to eat, but now it’s a habit, & when we go out to eat, everyone’s finished in 10 minutes, while it takes me up to 30-40 minutes to finish a small portion. a couple of my friends changed their eating habit to this method; one of them said she used to be able to finish a huge bento box, but now can barely finish 1/3 of it. another friend lost 17 lbs just by changing to this method. it’s not easy to change how you eat, but it’s stays with you life-long and worth it. good luck on your path to a new you!


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